Who Is She?

I look in the mirror, confused by what I see

An image of someone; but is that really me?

I think of the little girl within

Now celebrating because of who we’ve become

A mental transformation and a brand new smile

She’s elated because she realizes; it’s been quite awhile

She never knew the challenges we’d face, or the tears we’d shed

She’s elated because she realizes just how far we’ve come

We both take a double glance not quite clear on who this is we see

It’s the same smile, yet it’s a different smile

The battles helped to form she

And it didn’t hurt to have some smiles and laughter along the way

But again we ask who is she?

That little girl within has never died

But now she realizes a woman presides

I can’t escape the sillyness, or the sweetness, or the innocence of that little girl within

We’ve come so far, but when did this woman get in?

We look again and still don’t quite recognize

This is now her we can no longer hide

But when did you get here? And where did you come from?

An invitation perhaps? Or did you sneak in?

Maybe some aliens came in the middle of the night, searched her brain, took all the memories to form a new image of the person she sees

Nooo, I don’t think so

That little girl and I look, for I am she, and she is me

Looking in the mirror staring back at me

Under gone a transformation by the master architect himself

It is in this moment I realize; I have arrived. 😉


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