Brand New Kind of Me

I haven’t blogged in awhile. I’ve been busy trying to make my dreams happen for once in my life. lol I was up late and I heard this Alicia Keys song “Brand New Me”. I tried to post the link but that didn’t work out. It truly did amaze me that the things that connect us are greater than that which separates us. She wrote this song based on her own experiences. But I would’ve sworn she looked into my life and wrote this song just for me. Even her description before the song just blew my mind. She spoke about how for so long she learned how to keep things in so well. She also spoke about how she learned that she was only suffering on the inside by keeping these things inside. She even spoke about she’s learning to let go, or release which is new. As I am learning this myself. She also said how she feels so much ligher. And I do too. I hate to keep saying she said, she said. .. But there are songs that come close to capturing how I feel. But this is one where it really did capture it verbatim for me. It excited me that not only did the words in her song capture me verbatim, but they were derived from her own experiences. I say all this to say, it’s a brand new kind of me 😉