Growing Pains

Growing can be a painful process. Lately I’ve done a lot of growing and I’m finally realizing all the pain that comes with it. When you grow things that once were comfortable or served a suitable purpose no longer do so. It’s difficult when everything that once fitted in your life, no longer fits or holds the same space. When you grow, which many people rebel against, a lot changes. As a result of growing friends may be lost along the way and your relationships with family and friends may change. In some cases this can be a good thing, but in many cases it’s not. Growing and changing seems to incite those around you to become uncomfortable. It’s nice to have that which is familiar, but one of the few consistent things in life is change. Lately, I’ve felt a bit isolated in a sense. I know that my life as it is, is apart of God’s design for my life. Many things that were once familiar or comfortable no longer served me as God said it’s time to grow. It wasn’t a set time for me, nor did it happen overnight. My growing happened organically in God’s timing. I’ve grown in various ways throughout my life. However, this was more of a vital change. God took me out of that which was familiar and placed me in that which is new and unfamiliar. It was time to grow. It’s taken awhile for my family, especially my mother, and some friends to get that. It hurts at times and it’s painful, but I know it’s for the best. I can’t expect to grow or get any closer to my goals, by not growing or doing the same things in my life. I pray with time my mother and some others get this. Growth, a painful , yet necessary process. It’s become more evident to me that some people don’t care about growth in the sense of character development. The many lessons or opportunities along the way, that serve to grow you, whether it be learning patience, controlling your temper, learning to forgive, learning to love yourself or simply to be grateful for what you have. I’m realizing though it can be uncomfortable, growing helps to create a better me and you.


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