There is something to be said for authenticity. In a world where “foolery” is the new norm or advocated even, authenticity is seen less and less.  What constitutes as “foolery” is subjective, but that’s not the goal of this post. Whether it’s social media, various work atmospheres, or simply small day to day interactions with others, authenticity is seen less. To a certain extent we all wear mask depending on the context or setting we encounter. However for many the lines blur between “that mask” and just being themselves. It even seems that people are leery of that which is real, but tend to be more receptive of a falsified version of others or interactions. One could argue that authenticity is synonymous with telling the truth. Whether it’s an object or a person many times there is just nothing like the real thing. While you can imitate or duplicate, being authentic needs no promotions or bells, whistles or shiny things, like the truth it can stand on it’s own.  As a result of less authenticity it seems that originality is being lost. It’s interesting that “everyone” wants to be “real and not fake” and a “leader”, yet few want to go against what the crowd sets as the norm. It’s way too much emulating and false representations and being genuine has taken a back seat to our ‘now” culture. It almost seems just as the truth is a hard pill to swallow, some can’t handle or are unsure how to handle if you’re authentic, no gimmicks or games, just real.

I find that in my own life, I’m less patient in my interactions with others that try to sell me an illusion or grandiose version of themselves. My mind quickly filters through that because I’m more interested in who someone really is. I can honestly say I could care less about one’s material possessions or a title. I want to know who you are beyond those things. I want to feel, touch, or get a glimpse of that which is real. I feel many like myself crave for that which is real and don’t even know it. We are all at times searching for something. And to a extent in our “now” culture we get more of the extra stuff, but no real foundations or elements of substance rooted in truth. I’d dare to say we need that which is real, because life , real life doesn’t come in a neat well put together predictable package. In fact life takes you on quite a ride of love, pain, sorrow and joy, but I digress. Whether it’s an unexpected phone call from a old beloved friend, a smile from a stranger or a kid politely holding the door for you, there is something to be said for that which is authentic.  

I thrive off authenticity and long for it. While my actions may not always be understood by others, living an authentic life is  important at the core of who I am. And those things that work for me, may not work for you. That’s the beauty in carving a path or walk of life that’s tailored made for who you are.  It is my hope that others will follow suite. Having authentic interactions falls secondary to first learning to just be real with yourself. And that is all.


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