Are you who you thought you’d be as a child?

I came across this question and I thought it was cool. This question is simple in nature but it resonated with me. I never truly gave it much thought. I was one of those kids never in a hurry to grow up. I had lots of friends, lots of toys, so adulting wasn’t something i fathomed often. The only thing I was certain of was I was moving away when I became an adult. Despite my adventurous childhood around the age of 8 or so I just decided when I grew up I would move. I said it so often my mom would joke about it. I often say that if you want to learn about yourself look back to some of the things you did as a kid. It amazes me but I strongly feel much of the qualities we possess are already there from a very young age. I digress. My point is I found it interesting that at such a young age something in me just knew there had to be more.

I grew up in a small town with so many people who loved on me, supported me, and helped to shape who I am today. I am truly grateful for that. But even as a kid I think I assessed that there must be something more beyond this small place. Interestingly enough I vaguely thought I may have kids as a adult, but I never had that ongoing wedding fantasy many girls have. That didn’t hit me until I fell in love .  I’m not knocking the wedding fantasy at all, just thought that gave me more indication of who I am. From a young age I think I embraced just being me and living in the moment and that hasn’t changed. I don’t think I gave too much thought to who I’d be. But I can say who I am is ever evolving and I like me contradictions, complexities, silliness and all. So are you who you thought you’d be as a child?


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