Giving up the life you had in mind

I’ll just jump right into this. I’ve never been one of those people planning my life out in precise details. But like many people I did have certain things in mind.  I don’t think it’s bad to plan or have an idea of what you want for your life. But I think many of us realize with time we have little to no control over life. The universe has a way of directing our paths and placing us where we’re suppose to be. I guess it’s more giving up the life you had in mind to embrace the one you have.

I realize some people plan their life and things align up the way they thought. But whether it’s you thought you ‘d have kids, or live in a certain location, or start a business by a certain age, life happens. I’m not suggesting don’t work towards goals. I guess I’m suggesting embracing the cards you’ve been dealt and playing your hand so to speak.


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