I’m lost or so it seems. . .

I’m often drifting, wandering, and seeking. I’m curious by nature. My curiosity can be a great  thing or not so great depending on the discovery or experience. I think over the last year or so I’ve felt a bit lost. It was a challenge for me to admit this to myself and verbalize this to maybe two people literally. What they didn’t know is; I gathered courage to discuss feeling lost and choosing to confide in them. I think being lost has more negative connotation than positive. As a result in my mind I thought it was a not so great thing. If you picture being lost as a kid it incites fear. If you picture being lost on a road trip it may incite frustration. Surprisingly I felt more indifferent. I felt like a blank slate mixed with small amounts of frustration.

I found it quite ironic that I’ve learned a lot this year in spite of feeling lost. Then it hit me , there is discovery in being lost. I’ve tried new things and stretched a bit outside of my comfort zone. I never get to dwell in my comfort zone for too long. But how many of us do? Life generally has a way of challenging us, or pushing us, no matter how much we kick or scream.

I think many people are unsettled by not knowing what’s next, including myself. I’m learning there is beauty and discovery in being lost. The more I discover I feel a little less lost as this journey unfolds.

Image courtesy of pixabay.com


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