Know thyself and the rest will follow. . .

As human beings we are often complex  and far from one dimensional. I truly believe knowing yourself and learning to love what you find is the  foundation for the everything else in life. This concept in and of itself seems relatively simple yet many spend time fabricating an image for the approval of others. It’s such a liberating thing to just be who you are. When you dare to be yourself it alleviates the unnecessary pressure to fit in or be something you’re not. Learning who you are never goes out of style unlike trends.

In expressing this of course that means we won’t always be compatible with others. I’ve been in the process of learning to accept people for who they are. *clears throat* I’ve learned that how I do something may not be your way and vice versa. This also entails letting go of the image you may create of someone vs. who they truly are. The bigger thing to remember is that it’s okay, as we all have a unique blueprint tailored made to who we are. I’ve spent so much energy in the past on being frustrated because I was misunderstood. I also spent a great deal of time being frustrated when I didn’t understand others. Often times our perception is limited.

We are all wired differently. We all have an internal wiring if you will, as well as different life experiences that shape the way we view things. But none of this begins to become apparent  until we embrace being who we are. Which just maybe our ever evolving, bundle of contradictions, with good intentions selves.


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