How do you?

Greetings to all! Spring has sprung here in Georgia. Pollen is everywhere, bah humbug! It is very beautiful outside but the temperatures are already venturing into the eighties. One day I’ll live somewhere that has an actual spring. (lol) Hope this finds you in good spirits. Today I’ve been exploring how do you say those things that are difficult to say to those you love? This is something I’ve struggled with for years. I’m big on authentic relationships. I’m also a lover. I love hard. I say this to say I often don’t want to hurt those I’m close to by having those difficult conversations. I really don’t. I’m learning that there are some things that no matter how gentle and mindful you are in your approach, their just going to be difficult to hear and difficult to say. I think the key distinction here is when you’re revealing something from a place of sincerity or out of love versus just maliciously saying things that may sting. The truth often stings then hurts a little less as your mind adjusts.

After going through some challenging encounters with family and friends in the past I learned to weigh which difficult conversations were worth having and which ones I could let go. While they aren’t easy to have saying those difficult things makes for more authentic relationships. I guess you could say it kind of comes with the territory. I think it takes practice and for some it comes easier than for others. I’ve gotten practice speaking up more and weighing carefully those difficult conversations. However , I still dread them and sometimes sit with things for a while before mentioning them. In efforts to be true to myself and those I love I’m learning to say it. I would say it’s gotten easier with time, but it hasn’t necessarily. It still remains a challenge for me, more so the closer I am to someone. For example I know most people can relate to loving your mother, and not sure how to handle those difficult conversations. But again it puts a stifle in the relationship or an inner turmoil of sorts if you try to avoid or not be honest. These conversations hold an importance despite their difficulty and can foster new awareness or growth within the relationship. But I have to be perfectly honest with you in doing so at times it has incited friendships to end, become distant or birth a new good normal. Though it’s not easy I accept that because I have to walk in my truth. I think we often avoid saying certain things as to not upset the balance of the relationship. It seems you just have to say it! But of course it’s great to be mindful of timing and your tone. So how do you guys go about having those difficult conversations?


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