Becoming is a funny thing. Throughout life we are often evolving. As we experience life we grow and change in different ways. I like to say take a picture and capture who I am in that time. There are some aspects of who you are that don’t change and are central to your core. However, different seasons in our lives can evolve us into people we ourselves don’t recognize. This is something I’m learning to grapple with. You can really know who you are as a person and an event or interaction takes place that brings forth a part of you , you never knew existed. The relationships and things that take place in our lives really can highlight who we are or are not. Here’s to growing through the challenges and ups and downs in life. . .Keep going!


Embracing Change

We often want to grow or go to the next level but not embrace change. I’m pretty open minded but I can be a creature of habit. The reality is you can’t stop what’s meant to be. Life is always in motion. We are often students and teachers in our journey. I’d like to think as open minded as I generally am, I’d be more open to change but I’m not. The things in my life that have brought substantial positive changes began with my usual stubborn , resistant disposition. I’m learning more to release and let what will be, be. I often fear the uncertainty of the unknown. I’m learning to trust the journey instead of rebelling against the uncertainty of the unknown.