Season’s Greetings

Greetings to all!  Thank you for stopping by. I send you positive energy no matter where you are in this journey called life. I know this time of year can be difficult for some. I have to admit I have to remind myself of that. I’m the girl that loves to decorate, bake , sing Christmas carols and spread holiday cheer. I know it may sound cheesy to some but I love it. I feel like the Christmas season gives me more of an opportunity to spread light. On that note in the spirit of giving I dedicated time to being a bell ringer this season and I loved it. You know the people who stand outside of the stores and ring the bell for donations towards shelters and such. I found it quite rewarding. Each year as the year winds down I like to reflect on what’s taken place. This year has been one of challenges , lots of learning and many firsts. I try to make it a point to create firsts. This season was my first time being a bell ringer. I’m always looking for ways to give and this was perfect for me. I say all this to say one thing I’ve learned this year is the  value in giving and being of service to others.

I learned a lot during my time as a bell ringer. It reaffirmed that the best things are free, such as a smile, laughter, or listening to someone’s story.  I also learned most people want to be seen in the sense of you matter , you exist. It also brought home that the things that connect us are truly greater than that which divides us. I hope no matter what’s going on in your life, you’ll take time to give someone a smile and reflect on what’s in your life that money can’t buy.


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